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Fusion of IOB and Folhamatic establishing a new era of segment information and business solutions

Completed in February 2012 and celebrated by the entire market, the merger between IOB and Folhamatic consolidates in a single economic group, the largest provider of information and consulting business in Brazil with the best provider of integrated technological solutions for the management of the business market.

On the one hand, the design gives the Group's entire expertise Folhamatic intellectual robustness, reliability and security of the brand IOB. On the other hand, incorporates all the IOB technological expertise, agility and flexibility of Folhamatic. The result of the merger of their best skills will translate into many benefits to customers and the entire market.

Thereafter, the Group brings together a broad portfolio of offerings, with high performance products and services with high quality. Moreover, the sum of forces allows to improve processes, optimize structure, develop innovations and benefits to its clients, taking full account of their needs, expectations and requirements of form, content and value.

In order to leverage the development of the two companies and boost its expansion in markets toward capital market participation, there was a Private Equity, whose investment is to ensure the fundamental conditions for sustainable growth in all business areas and ensure the capitalization of its brands for the future IPO (Initial public offering) in 2013.

With 100% complementary businesses and more than 90% of convergence between their customer profiles, the IOB Folhamatic Group will have unique strengths and competitive advantages that will ensure its high competitiveness in the segments it operates, providing greater support and a closer relationship with their customers and an even more efficient, due to the expansion of the distribution channel.

"The merger occurred naturally, since the companies already work in synergy for more than five years. This marriage certainly contributes very positively to all business market and represents a new perspective of development and strengthening of all the accounting, "says Mauricio Frizzarin, current president of the Group IOB Folhamatic.

Gilberto Fischel will join the Board and the Group Folhamatic IOB shall preside over two of its companies, the Institute IOB, a reference in professional education and distance Declare Okay, services and solutions provider dedicated to the Income Tax for Individuals.

The IOB Folhamatic Group now has over a thousand employees, experts in their respective areas. In all, serves over 100,000 customers nationwide, offering dozens of products and services such as online content, consulting, periodicals, software, books, courses, among others, on many different platforms, ensuring What's more reliable, secure, efficient professionals who need and depend on information and business solutions in the accounting, tax, labor, social security, corporate, legal and public administration in their daily lives.

To learn more and schedule interviews with the president of the Group IOB Folhamatic, Mauricio Frizzarin, contact De Leon Communications by phone (11) 5017-4090 / 5017-7604 or by e-mail: Streets Danielle (Danielle @ DeLeon., Deise Cavignato ( and Paloma Minke (

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