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A toast in 2011.

Nothing better than start 2012 in a good mode, in an atmosphere of celebration and joy. That's how we start another year in Folhamatic, bringing together our employees to fraternize the VIVA party.

Our meeting was on Saturday (07), bringing all together on a farm with several attractions. We provide a morning of games and challenges with integration groups, conducted by a specialized company in Campinas, we served a buffet with so many drinks in the Santa Fe's sounds. Besides that, there was swimming pool and lots of fun.

Our director, Emerson Oliveira, opened the celebration and presented the results of 2011, emphasizing that it will be a long commitment and unity year to have an even more promising 2012. It was a moment of reflection and analysis of strengths and to be improved between the teams.

As stated by our President, Mauricio Frizzarin, “2012 will be a year of great opportunity and it only depends on us, to turn them in over a number of achievements and victories!

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