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Mission, Vision and Values

What makes Folhamatic go further.


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Mission, Vision and Values.
Folhamatic’s success is the result of applying our Mission, Vision, and Values in practice. We developed these tenets by considering the satisfaction of our employees, customers, friends, and partners.

Goals: Efficiency and Quality

Folhamatic provides efficient service and quality solutions, creating a competitive advantage for our customers and employees.

Vision: Be present throughout Brazil.
Based in São Paulo, Folhamatic seeks to increase market share throughout Brazil and be recognized for quality and efficiency.

Guiding Principles: Integrity, Teamwork, Trust, and Innovation. These are the principles that sum up the key attributes that will propel our business and best serve our customers.

1- Integrity: Our customers are our most precious asset. We work hard to serve as an effective resource for them.
2- Teamwork: We believe in teamwork, and do our best to share what we’ve learned throughout our organization.
3- Trust: Out customers need to know that we are on their side. Accordingly, we are ready to solve their problems and respect their ideas and suggestions.
4- Innovation: We are always open to new ideas and to exploring them constructively. We focus on leveraging our ideas to generate better products for our customers.


Folhamatic values the commitment of our employees who, with creativity and dedication, strive to develop better systems that increase customer satisfaction.

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Rodovia Luiz de Queiroz
SP 304 - KM 127,5
Americana - São Paulo - Brazil

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